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We bring you wines crafted by hard work in breathtaking landscapes in the heart of Europe.

  • Over 400 interesting hand picked wines in stock.
  • Clean delicious wines made the slow way with precision and care.
  • Made by the winemakers they love back in their home country.
  • Ethically delicious too - sustainable wineries, and fair business.
  • We're a small friendly team and we try hard.

So come up, share a glass, and enjoy. It's beautiful here.

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We Try Hard

I am taking the wines slowly and have greatly enjoyed the majority so far. Especially impressive were the fruhroter veltliner, schiave and Grisardi mondeuse.

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David N

Fast delivery, very safe packaging - great service!

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Patrik Flammer

The 5th year I`ve bought Beauj Nouveau from Nick Dobson Wines. Brilliant fresh flavour every time. I look forward to this every year and they never disappoint.

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Andrew Stevens

Last night we had a table, he was a wine connoisseur. He asked me if I am Swiss origin or if I have any shares in the Swiss wines because we have an 'unorthodox' selection from Switzerland, very unusual for him to find so many choices. He was very fussy about Burgundy and Kistler Pinot Noir. I recommended him the Cicero Pinot Noir, and he was thrilled. He said like 5,6 times how good that wine is. Also, we have regulars now who asks for Swiss whites, Doral. Had a table of two, they enjoyed two bottles of Doral and they love it. Also, another table from Norway to whom I recommend Heida, and they loved it, they praised it all night long.

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Valentin Radosav - Sommelier

The wines I ordered arrived in good condition and what we have drunk so far has been excellent.

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Donald G

Very helpful. Despite the hiccup with the couriers the staff did all they could to sort things out. Would recommend.

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Andrew Morton
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