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We Try Hard

Fast delivery, very safe packaging - great service!

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Patrik Flammer

As a half-Swiss I know what distinctive, quality wines Switzerland can produce. Until now, the problem has been locating them in the UK, since the demise of the Swiss Centre in Leicester Square many years ago. Keep them coming! PS: I would like to see, and taste a pinot noir or two from the Germanic region - very distinctive from Burgundy, but more importantly from the lighter, thinner Germanic pinot.

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MLC Lumley

What can I say - service of the very highest order, thank you very much.

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Richard P

Wine arrived safely in excellent packaging. I knew the wine and am delighted to find a source of this excellent grower

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Caring and thoughtful

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B Kirkup

I was very impressed with the sophisticated packaging and speed and efficiency of the delivery So far of our 6 bottles, we have only sampled the Chenas, the Cote de Brouilly and the Morgon​. They have all been delicious - requiring only a half hour uncorking to warm them up slightly (in this wintry weather) before drinking. I have always liked cru Beaujolais with their depth but freshness of the Gamay grape. My first trip was way back in 1986 when we visited a cave in Belleville and picked up a case of the 1985 vintage (a good year as I recall), so it is a great pleasure to find your site and I shall certainly be ordering more in future.

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Tim C
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